Handmade Top Quality Bonding Aid

snoedelWhat is a Snoedel®?

Snoedel® is the name of a special doll that is designed to help preemies adjust to life in this world. The word “snoedel” means snuggle in Dutch, and it has been proven that newborns of any age use their sense of smell to identify and snuggle up to their mothers soon after birth. Preemies and their mothers are often denied this special snuggling experience because of medical reasons, so bonding may be difficult. A Snoedel® is the remedy for this plight, for it is designed to be infused with the mother’s scent to encourage eating, sleeping and bonding even in her absence.

Accept no Imitations

The original Snoedel® is a quality product that is handmade in the U.S. Unlike imitations, Snoedel® is made entirely of cotton for the covering and wool for the stuffing. Wool is used, for it is able to repel moisture as it absorbs and retains scent. In addition, wool is hypoallergenic and retards flame, so it is the perfect fabric for newborns of all ages.

Not Just for Preemies

Snoedel® is also very helpful for other times when baby must be separated from mother. This special little doll provides comfort when mother returns to work or when baby begins sleeping in a separate room, and it is also great for long car rides.

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