Maternity Must Haves

Maternity ItemsYou’ve entered a whole new world of maternity clothes, diapers, bottles, and tiny clothes. It can be overwhelming trying to decide what you need to have before the baby is born and what can wait. Some things are obvious, like having diapers, formula if you’re formula feeding, a breast pump if you’re breast feeding, and a crib. There are many more things that are must haves, though, that you may not think about! So what do you really need?

For the baby, don’t forget to get things like a baby bathtub, washrags, gentle baby soap, and hooded, soft baby towels. You will also need receiving blankets, and they are often overlooked. You may want to also invest in a special swaddle blanket so that your baby feels secure.

There are many products that are very worth investing in. One is a Snoedel doll. This is a product designed to have the mother’s scent on it so that the baby can sleep with it and feel secure and relaxed. It can be offered as aromatherapy for the baby as soon as they are born!

Another is a Boppy pillow. These assist in both breast and bottle feeding by making both the mom and the baby feel comfortable. They wrap around the mother’s abdomen so that the baby can rest on it and still be close.

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