The Made in America Movement

We’ve just decided to be a member of the Made in America Movement.  On their website,, they have a list of companies that manufacture products in the USA.  As a small family business, we think this is a very important cause and are going to try and purchase products made in the USA whenever possible.  I know it isn’t easy, sometimes just finding products can be most of the battle.  But when you find them the next hurdle is the PRICE TAG.  We all love a bargain but eventually I believe we will have to decide for ourselves “What Is More Important?”

It seems amazing to us at Snoedels that a product can be made overseas then shipped here to the US and still be less that half the price of a product made here in America.   I guess we need to remember who’s livelihoods we are supporting, ours or theirs.

I read this on another site today, “There are approximately 250 million adult Americans, if each of them would simply redirect just $100 dollars of their normal yearly budget towards USA made goods, together we would add $25,000,000,000 Billion extra dollars to our economy. We’re not asking anyone to spend more, just redirect some of what you are spending to American made goods.”

I never thought of it this way before, doesn’t seem to much to ask of us!

Snoedels entered the Big Break Contest

Do we ever need a Big Break!  Snoedels has entered the Big Break Contest sponsored by American Express and Facebook.  Small Business are competing to receive $25,000 to grow their business and drive customers to their door, plus a visit from American Express Open and Facebook for a one-on-one strategy session to put it all into action.

As some of you know, we have been in business for 10 years now and are proud of the fact that our Snoedel is used in many hospital NICU’s throughout America.  The majority of our customers have either received a Snoedel at their hospital or heard of us from family, friends or the No-Cry Sleep Solution book by Elizabeth Pantley.  Our goal is to bring our Snoedel to the retail markets.  We are seeking help from our local women’s business center and local marketing companies as well.  Our marketing plan is taking shape but the expert advice and winnings from a Big Break would definitely be the BREAK we need to make our dream a reality.

The judges will pick 10 finalists by August 12th.  Then these 10 companies will receive a custom video created by American Express Open for their use during voting, $2,500 in Facebook ad credits and a digital toolkit to help engage their community.  The final 5 Big Break Winners are determined by community voting.

Wish us luck!  If we make it to the 10 finalists, we will need your help in getting the message out to all your FRIENDS!

Inspiration for blogging about American made baby products


Good Morning.  We’ve been remiss in our blog postings for the month of June.  My husband and I went on a vacation to Ireland.  During our 2 week driving tour, our favorite times were outside the cities in small quaint towns.  One stop that I will always remember is our visit to the Belleek China Factory.  This factory in the town of Belleek, in northwest part of Ireland, still makes all the china by hand.  I couldn’t stop thinking about our Snoedel and how we struggle to keep our product handmade here in the United States.  It got me thinking about concentrating our blog on American handmade baby products and the companies and people who still strive to have quality products made here in our country. We hope to highlight these products through our blog, facebook and twitter pages with the help from our fans and followers.  I have also created a Pinterest Board which I would like to be a collection of American made baby products.  If you know of any such products or hear of any please email me at

Handmade Top Quality Bonding Aid

snoedelWhat is a Snoedel®?

Snoedel® is the name of a special doll that is designed to help preemies adjust to life in this world. The word “snoedel” means snuggle in Dutch, and it has been proven that newborns of any age use their sense of smell to identify and snuggle up to their mothers soon after birth. Preemies and their mothers are often denied this special snuggling experience because of medical reasons, so bonding may be difficult. A Snoedel® is the remedy for this plight, for it is designed to be infused with the mother’s scent to encourage eating, sleeping and bonding even in her absence.

Accept no Imitations

The original Snoedel® is a quality product that is handmade in the U.S. Unlike imitations, Snoedel® is made entirely of cotton for the covering and wool for the stuffing. Wool is used, for it is able to repel moisture as it absorbs and retains scent. In addition, wool is hypoallergenic and retards flame, so it is the perfect fabric for newborns of all ages.

Not Just for Preemies

Snoedel® is also very helpful for other times when baby must be separated from mother. This special little doll provides comfort when mother returns to work or when baby begins sleeping in a separate room, and it is also great for long car rides.

Snoedel: A Quality Product for Baby

ImageIt’s natural as a new parent to search for the best, most natural way to provide comfort and security for your baby when you are unable to hold him in your arms. Buying a quality product like a Snoedel doll provides comfort to your new little one and lets you breathe a sigh of relief as well. 

What is a Snoedel? It’s a doll, but not the traditional kind. A Snoedel is made of soft flannel sectioned to simulate the head and body of a doll. The flannel comes in either pastel pink or blue as well as more colorful prints that Baby will enjoy. The sections contain soft 100 percent sheep’s wool, an all-natural fiber that absorbs and holds the mother’s scent so that Baby always feels that his mother is near. Similar products do not utilize the soft, pure quality wool that is chosen for the Snoedel. The word “Snoedel” actually comes from the Dutch for “snuggle,” and you pronounce it “snoodle.” And, by the way, the Snoedel is a quality product made in the US. 

The Snoedel is so pure you can give it to your baby as soon as he’s born, even if he needs to stay in the Neonatal ICU for a day or two. Many women–and men–take the Snoedel to bed with them for a few nights so that the wool content picks up their scent. Then when Baby is in the incubator at the hospital, or even in his own little bed at home during sleep times, the Snoedel rests with him, carrying his parent’s soothing scent. 

Many experts agree on the benefits of providing a soft toy that your child will bond with. It’s free of eyes or other decorations that could be potential choking hazards, following strict standards as it’s made in the US. It’s soft yet firm enough for Baby to cuddle. The Snoedel offers a natural way to soothe your child at his rest time so that he gets quality sleep–and you will be providing a little bit of yourself for your child to carry off into Dreamland. This is a must-have for any nursery.


Napping Problems and Solutions

napping childNap time can be a much needed break for both parent and the child. There are a few helpful tips that can make nap time easier for everyone.

Establish a Routine

Kids tend to thrive on routine. The child may not know 10:00 A.M. is nap time, but she does subconsciously realize after a trip to the playground and a story in her room, she is tired. It may take several days to a few weeks for a napping routine to be established.


Most adults rehash the day’s events and tomorrow’s To Do list in their mind before falling asleep. Children are no different; they just do it out loud. Self-talk helps your child soothe himself through his emotions and thoughts allowing sleep to come.


Sometimes kids just don’t want to be alone. A favorite blanket, toy, music, or white noise is ok to use to help soothe the child to sleep. A comfort toy like the Snoedel doll captures the scent of the parent and slowly releases it to the child, as if mom or dad had never left the room. Remember to keep toys and blankets age appropriate and out of harm’s way during nap time.

Maternity Must Haves

Maternity ItemsYou’ve entered a whole new world of maternity clothes, diapers, bottles, and tiny clothes. It can be overwhelming trying to decide what you need to have before the baby is born and what can wait. Some things are obvious, like having diapers, formula if you’re formula feeding, a breast pump if you’re breast feeding, and a crib. There are many more things that are must haves, though, that you may not think about! So what do you really need?

For the baby, don’t forget to get things like a baby bathtub, washrags, gentle baby soap, and hooded, soft baby towels. You will also need receiving blankets, and they are often overlooked. You may want to also invest in a special swaddle blanket so that your baby feels secure.

There are many products that are very worth investing in. One is a Snoedel doll. This is a product designed to have the mother’s scent on it so that the baby can sleep with it and feel secure and relaxed. It can be offered as aromatherapy for the baby as soon as they are born!

Another is a Boppy pillow. These assist in both breast and bottle feeding by making both the mom and the baby feel comfortable. They wrap around the mother’s abdomen so that the baby can rest on it and still be close.